Moving Closer to a Senior Loved One Requires These Steps

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Caring for a senior loved one often means making sure they’re safe at home, and there are some tasks that simply can’t be done from afar. If the senior in your life is having trouble with mobility or can no longer care for themselves on a daily basis, moving closer can bring both of you peace of mind. Creating a plan for your loved one’s needs as well as for the move will make the process much easier on everyone involved

Here, real estate expert Carey Scott shares some tips to help you stay on track and limit your stress during this major transition.  

Work out your living situation

Moving requires quite a bit of preparation, but the first step is to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a house, so it’s a good idea to research the cost of living in your loved one’s area as well as the average sale price of homes in the city. Getting pre-approved for a loan will allow you to prepare a realistic budget, and once you find a house you like you’ll be able to make an offer quickly without worrying about your funding. Location will be a big factor because you’ll want to be close to your loved one, so start your search in neighborhoods surrounding theirs and work your way out.

Prep for moving day

Once you have a new place sorted out, it’s important to prepare for the big day by getting organized before you begin packing up. Remaining efficient during the process will help reduce stress, and it will also ensure that you make it to the new house with everything you need. Declutter and clean your current home first, and make packing lists for each box as you go. This will allow you to find things easily once the moving truck is unloaded, and it will also make unpacking a breeze. This is important since you won’t want to drag out setting up your new place and take up time you could be spending with your loved one.

Find out what their needs are

When you’re able to focus on the senior in your life, it’s crucial to figure out exactly what their needs are. Some seniors have mobility issues that require modifications to make their homes safer, while others need help with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. Talk to them about how you can help make things easier for them, and get to know their neighbors so you’ll have important contacts in case of an emergency. Learn all you can about their schedule, any medications they take, and whether they need transportation for doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping. If you’re unable to be there every time they need a ride, you can look for local senior services that offer free or low-cost transportation.

Consider outside help

No matter how much you may want to help your senior loved one, sometimes they need assistance that you just can’t provide. Many seniors thrive in communities made for older adults or in senior care centers where they have access to nursing staff; these living situations are ideal for those who need to remain social but require a level of care that a family member can’t give. Find out whether your loved one has long-term care insurance, and look at the available facility options online.

Moving closer to a senior in order to help them with daily care can be challenging for your mental health, so be sure to practice self-care as much as possible in order to keep stress at bay. Look for online resources and local organizations that can help both you and your loved one, as well.

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