Quick and Easy Ways to Settle Into Your New Home

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Moving out of town is challenging enough with all the packing and unpacking, but that's only the beginning. There are places to see, the kids to settle in, and friends to make. Moving and setting up in a new town will be less painful and more enjoyable if you follow these tips. 

Do Your Research

Before arriving in Columbus, GA, make sure you do some research. There are several ways you can get information concerning your new place of residence:

              Consult a neighborhood database. You can get information about local restaurants, schools, crime rates, and more on neighborhood databases such as City-Data.com.

              Check out the crime rates. Several websites provide public crime statistics to help you     determine the safety of your new neighborhood.

              Turn to local forums. Local forums offer a wealth of information ranging from new   developments to places to visit.

              Check school reviews. You can use online resources to check out how the local schools         perform.

              City website. You can visit the city's local website to familiarize yourself with what's available     and what's going on.


Unfortunately, unpacking is a necessary part of the moving process. It's not fun and can be overwhelming, but following some simple rules such as the following will help:

              Give yourself a deadline. Pick a date you want everything unpacked by, and stick to it.

              Start small. Starting with the small items will help get the ball rolling.

              Unpacking on the go. If you have to visit the bathroom while unpacking, take some items to   put away. If you need a sock or some underwear, grab them all and put them in their   designated drawers.

              Turn off the TV and play music. TV is a distraction while playing music is proven to make you   more productive. 

              Ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help, especially for complex tasks such as organizing   the kitchen or bedrooms.

              It doesn't have to be perfect. You're not aiming for perfection. Your goal is to get everything   put away. You'll have plenty of time later to get everything organized correctly.

Meeting New People

A new city can be lonely when you don't know anyone. The good news is that you don't have to struggle to meet new people. An excellent place to start is with meetup groups. 

If you're a young professional, joining a professional club or organization is a good way of meeting like-minded people. A gym membership, a dance class, or even learning to paint are excellent ways to meet people in your neighborhood.

Things To Consider When Moving Your Business

If your business is moving with you and is registered as an LLC, you'll need to file in your new state as rules differ. Do your homework before proceeding to understand the laws and regulations involved. If you prefer to have someone share the workload, consider hiring a formation service that will also help you avoid hefty lawyer fees.

A Beloved Member of the Community

With just a little research, planned and organized unpacking techniques, and getting yourself out and about, It won't be long before you're accustomed to your new surroundings and are a beloved community member.

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