Tips For Moving After You Lose a Loved One

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Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience that leads to considerable emotional turmoil. There are a lot of things that you have to work through as you try to learn how to move on without them. One thing that you may realize is that you need a fresh start.

In some cases, truly starting over means that you move to a new place. Taking the time to plan this move can enhance the chance that you’ll truly be able to enjoy your new life. Consider these points as you think about what you want to do. 

First, Make Sure a Move is Necessary

If the reason you’re moving is that a loss of income has put you in arrears on your mortgage, you may have other options. A loan modification is entirely possible if you can prove hardship or a reduction of income. It can help you to not only get caught up with possible missed payments, but your lender may be able to reduce your interest rate or extend the period of your loan to make monthly payments more manageable.

If however, you still need or want to move, read on for ways to help you manage the process.

What Will You Do With Their Belongings?

If your loved one had an estate plan, you’ll know what assets you need to take care of. Without a will, it might take some time to work through who is going to get what. Once you have the list, you can determine what should happen to the things you’re responsible for.

Try not to let your emotions rule as you go through the belongings. Think carefully about what you truly need to keep and what you can sell or donate. Special family heirlooms should be kept in the family if possible.

Other items might be better suited for use by someone else. Consider making a donation in your loved one’s honor to a charity that can use the items you’re disposing of.

How Should You Handle the Sale of the House?

Moving to a new area means that you need to sell your home. It’s imperative that you take appropriate steps to prepare the home so you can maximize what you can sell the home for. Work with a real estate agent who can help you to determine exactly your home’s worth and ways to maximize what you can get from a sale.

What Can You Do to Enjoy Your Fresh Start?

It’s easy to become focused on the logistical aspects of a fresh start, but you also need to think about the emotional side of the matter. Grief is a multifaceted process that will bring you through several different emotions, including:

Acceptance is usually the final stage of grief. This is when you can enjoy your new life. You may still feel the other stages of grief periodically, especially around special days like the person’s birthday or holidays. Having a plan to handle those can make it a bit easier for you to make it through them without having an emotional crash.

Creating a Plan

Taking the time to create a logical plan for your loved one’s assets after they pass away is important. You'll go through a range of feelings and emotions, but having a plan can help ease the process and add structure to this difficult time.

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