Welcome to Columbus, GA!

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 Welcome to Columbus: Tips, Guides, and Resources to Get You Settled In

Welcome to Columbus! As you and your family get settled into our fantastic city, it’s important to know what you need to do to get your new home in working order. What’s more, finding local services and discovering area attractions will help you engage with the local community. Take a look at the resources and guides we’ve gathered below that will help you get acclimated to the region. 

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Take Care of Your Home

The first step to settling into Columbus is getting settled into your home.

           Set Up Your Utilities

      Change Your Mailing Address

      Find an Internet Service Provider

      Find a Cable Television Provider

Local Services You May Need

Get acquainted with some of the services you’ll use after moving to our city. 

      Public Library

      Georgia DMV

      Auto Repair Shops and Area Mechanics

      Landscaping Services

Doctors, Dentists, Day Care, and Pet Care

These services will keep you and the rest of your family happy and healthy. 

      Primary Care Physicians

      Dentists and Oral Health Care

      Day Care Centers

      Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals

      Pet Sitters 

Local Attractions

Explore the many fun activities Columbus has to offer to its residents and visitors. 

      15 Best Things to Do in Columbus

      Best Places to Eat and Drink

      Local Museums

      Best Hiking Trails

Resources for Out-of-State Business Moves

If you’re a small business owner, be sure you’ve set it up legally in the state of Georgia so it will thrive in Columbus. 

      Register Your Business with State Agencies

      Understanding Tax Classifications by State

      Important Marketing Strategies for Relocating a Business to Another State

      Form a Georgia LLC with a Service Like Zenbusiness

      Update Your Business Profile on Google, LinkedIn, and Yelp

 Looking for commercial real estate properties for sale? Search Columbus Commercial real estate for sale

Columbus has a lot to offer its residents! So, once you’ve unpacked, taken care of your home, and relaxed for a bit, you can begin to explore everything that this city and the surrounding area has to offer!


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